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Thirst Relief and Healing Hands Together with YOU in Uganda!
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$10,000 target
Ended 30th January 2021
Kaweesi is a teacher in Uganda and her school has 550 students. Thirst Relief was previously able to wipe out Typhoid in her school with the use of Bio-Sand Filters BSF. However, they are in need of a Rainwater Harvesting Tank in order to have a consistent supply of water for use in the Bio-Sand Filters. This grant will be used to fund the building of the RWHT that they desperately need and provide Ecosan Latrines (really great bathrooms). And Provide over 1,000 people with Bio-Sand Filters! We will also use the building of these items as a training opportunity for a new Thirst Relief Technician Team from the DRC. A)$8,000 Ugandan School (Mrs. Kaweesi-550 students) RWHT, Ecosan Latrines and training expenses that will equip the Goma DRC team to be able to build RWHT (Rainwater Harvesting Tanks) and EL (Ecosan Latrines) in the DRC. B) $6,000 for BSF for Goma DRC (Congo) C) $6,000 for BSF for Atiak (South Sudanese refugee camps in Uganda)