Building a safe environment for children with troubled neurodevelopment

Guiding steps

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In partnership with Asociatia pentru Sustinerea Progresului in Educatie, Recuperare si Acceptare

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$2,400 target
Ended 31st January 2023
Statistics both globally and within Romania suggest that one in every 54 children fits the Autism diagnosis criteria. This estimation does not include all other types of neurodevelopmental disorders. The picture this paints from a numerical standpoint is that in Romania there are approximately 560,000 people whose lives are affected by a related disability or burden, both in the case of the individual patients as well as family members. The ASPERA project needs financial backing and support to be able to cover the costs necessary for the operation of the center (e.g. materials and toys necessary, covering the costs of cleaning products and equipment necessary for disinfection, supervision sessions held with qualified personnel from the USA, for the payment of the various purchases required for the adequate functioning of the center).