Sustainable Food Farm

Land Donated
Medicinal Garden Planted

Growing food for impoverished indigenous villages
In partnership with Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 08th February 2023
We recently started a sustainable farm on donated land for impoverished indigenous villages on the north shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico. An estimated 80% of children in these villages are chronically malnourished. The area also has the highest rate per capita of kidney disease of unknown origin in the world. On average 2 young people die of preventable kidney failure every month. It is crucial that kidney patients eat specific foods and many are not available in the villages. There are currently 2 food assistance programs in the villages. One provides a meal 5 days a week to 700+ children, the other provides a weekly food packages to 90 kidney patients. Our goals: 1. Grow food to support the food programs 2. Provide weekly food packages for people with kidney disease 3. Create local employment 4. Educate children about pesticide-free, sustainable farming 5. Provide a platform for elders to share generational wisdom 6. Grow surplus food to be sold for income