G and Z's New Sight Fundraiser

Restoring Eye Sight
Empowering Local Community

Raising funds to sponsor local Congalese women and men to train to be nurses at the eye care clinic in Ouesso, in The republic of Congo.
In partnership with New Sight Eye Care

% of
$9,800 target
Ended 31st January 2021
New Sight Eye Care is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering and partnering with local communities to preserve and restore sight. It was established as a registered charity in 2012. They recognise that while eye health services are inadequate in many low-income countries, they are non-existent in northern Congo. That is why New Sight has chosen to start with the poorest and most neglected communities in the north of Congo. Our specific fundraising project is to raise funds to sponsor ten local men and women to become nurses at the eye care clinic in Ouesso. As these students come from small villages, they will need funds for basics such as food and board, and educational equipment such as laptops and stationary. They also need other equipment such as fans, and medical equipment necessary for their training.