Midwives for Haiti Birth Centre Septic System


Help Us Create a Safe and Clean Space for Babies and Mothers
In partnership with Midwives for Haiti

% of
$7,423 target
Ended 31st January 2023
Haiti has the worst maternal and infant mortality rates in the Western Hemisphere. This coupled with intense gang violence, frequent political turmoil, and near starvation for over 70% of the population makes Haiti a challenging place to live. Midwives for Haiti is a US based 501c3 who has been working in central Haiti for almost 17 years. We are a community based, grassroots organization, which employees over 70 people in clinical and support roles. This year we are completing our rural birth centre, a dream of ours for many years. This centre is staffed entirely by Haitian midwives, and was constructed using all Haitian labor, using materials and supplies bought in Haiti. We need your help to complete our septic system! While not the most exciting aspect, it is one of the most important. Our families deserve flushing toilets and other basic health and hygiene standards, including adequate waste removal.