Empower Berber Women


Building a workshop for Berber women, with a kindergarten in the rural Moroccan High Atlas
In partnership with Natha Yoga Schweiz (& Arbre de Vie Maroc, Natha Yoga France)

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 15th April 2023
In the hamlet of Ait Borde at an altitude of almost 1,000 m, women have no education, and young girls rarely go beyond primary school. Illiteracy rates for women and girls remain as high as 90%. Providing women with a workshop run solely by Berber women helps them break the cycle of poverty, gain confidence and practice self-care. We are also seizing this opportunity to give to the children the chance to attend preschool education. Through the support of a teacher, we would also like to provide homework assistance and extra French and English lessons. The workshop / kindergarten is located on the edge of the 15-year-old health and wellbeing center, where professionals from Morocco and Europe come to fulfill their education in yoga and naturopathy. We need your help to move this project forward and to finish the building - for the future of the Berber children and women. Thank you!