Batwa okuhinga community farm and housing expansion

Food security
Housing security

Discrimination of the Batwa people is unacceptable in the name of conservation
In partnership with Stichting Kyakabi

% of
$11,250 target
Ended 30th April 2023
Stichting Kyakabi has been working with the Batwa community since 2019 on self-sustaining projects. This time we are fundraising to expand safe housing on a community farm led by Batwa pygmies girls in kisoro. Batwa people are among the poorest inhabitants in Uganda and their major sources of income include tourism and agricultural work. A significant amount of young Batwa women perform sex work to survive and earn income. The aim is to expand the land that Kyakabi gained as part of the Kuhinga farming project to accommodate 10 young single mothers. The place will have added three permanent housing and a farm which will grow different plants both for consumption and for sale. This will issue food security and the money from the plants sold will help them pay for school fees for their children.