Disaster Relief for Turkey

Earthquake Relief
Serving families

Tiny Houses for Earthquake Survivors in Southeast Turkey
In partnership with CMJ (Church's Ministry among the Jewish People)

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 31st March 2023
We are reaching out to help those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria in February 2023. With a death toll of over 40,000 and many more injured and displaced, the need for sustainable and cost-effective shelter and housing solutions is critical. With close to 1 Million people living in tents after the earthquake and a great need for support. How can I help? - Join us today in helping Turkey's earthquake survivors find shelter and build new homes. What is the advantage? - Our plywood tiny houses offer a practical and flexible solution, that can be produced, assembled and replicated quickly, allowing families to begin rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of the earthquake. Donations will go directly to families in need and be used for material costs only. Volunteers will build up the houses. If you are interested to read more details and see pictures of the progress on the ground, you can join the @roofsglobal Telegram channel (https://t.me/roofsglobal).