Center Vidim Cilj

Children with Disabilities

para-swimming for everyone
In partnership with CENTER VIDIM CILJ

% of
$5,000 target
Ended 24th June 2023
The collected funds will help Slovenian children with disabilities & cover them three autumn months of swimming lessons! Center Vidim cilj is a non -profit organization for support of the blind, partially sighted and children with various development specifications founded in 2011 by top para-sportsman, Mr. Alen Kobilica. The purpose of the Center Vidim Cilj is to support all disabled children, adolescents and adults in sports activities, assist them in achieving personal and sports goals, professional support for training and participation in competitions. At the same time, the Center strives to develop appropriate infrastructure, which provides training and professional support for more and more members in more and more sports. They are currently training on a daily basis for swimming, physical preparation for paraskiing and in the summer camps with tandem cycling. The Center currently provides trainings and activities for over 100 children.