Corazones Mágicos

1,200 kids helped
73% are 12 or less

Help rehabilitate 99 children victims of sexual abuse
In partnership with Fundación Vida Plena

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 19th December 2020
With your donations we will be able to support 99 children, victims of sexual abuse from very low income families undergo specialized psychotherapy, purchase educational material for their therapies and provide support for 34 children who are pressing charges against their aggressor with legal advise. Magic Hearts is a private non-profit that seeks to protect children, particularly those who have suffered Child Sexual Abuse. Its VISION is to build a society where respect for the rights of its children is prioritized, creating a society free from sexual abuse against children and adolescents. Its MISSION is to offer comprehensive, effective and timely treatment for sexually abused children and youth. This includes prevention and rehabilitation interventions in a climate of trust, warmth and protection. One in three children who suffers sexual abuse, will become a sexual aggressor. By helping victims to redefine this experience, we are also contributing to prevention.