Higher Education for Girls in India

550 Mothers
1400 Children

Girls Scholarship for Higher Education with Digital Access in India
In partnership with Yoga Gives Back

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 25th June 2023
I'm supporting Yoga Gives Back in raising money to empower 300 young girls in West Bengal, India, with higher education. Your donation will be matched 100% to fund 300 girls for 6 months. These funds will go towards the continuation of a 5-year Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE). It will also build a community digital center, so they can access computers and the internet for academic purposes and better job opportunities. India has the highest number of child brides (1.5 million girls) and West Bengal has the highest cases of human trafficking. This scholarship supports girls who otherwise wouldn't continue their education due to extreme poverty. These girls continue to face daily challenges based on gender discrimination in their communities. This program has already been proven successful: 150 girls have graduated with college degrees. This funding will continue to support the growth of this program and help young girls lead independent lives with generational impact.