Triple E Program: Employment, Entrepreneurialism, and Education For Women

750 Women Trained
Thousands of trees planted

Empowering Women in Kenya
In partnership with Zawadisha

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 31st December 2020
In the rural county of Taita-Taveta, farming has become nearly impossible due to the community’s inability to cope with climate change. Although new technologies and education exist, they have not reached women, who are primarily responsible for small hold farming. When these women prosper, they invest more in their homes and families, keeping their children healthy, sending them to school, and reinvesting in their businesses. Yet women have less access to assets, services, and markets than men. The Triple E Program addresses this by providing women with resources and technical training. Products that they can use to generate income, such as solar lamps, rain water tanks, seedlings, and soil. Our model is building stronger communities where women are self-sufficient, successful, and stand on their own two feet.