Awaken Your Soul Retreat

Emotional Healing
Heal & Grow

Removing Financial Barriers to Healing: Empowering Individuals and promote emotional well-being for positive change.
In partnership with Pyramid of Soul Sanctuary

% of
$5,000 target
Ended 31st October 2023
A 3-night/4-day emotional healing Retreat for 20 Individuals to Support their Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing through Proven Techniques and Tools, such as Sound Baths, Meditation, Breathwork, Shadow Work, and Emotional Release. Pyramid of Soul Sanctuary's mission is to guide individuals to connect to their inner beings and facilitate their healing journey into greater awareness. When individuals show up to do the hard and uncomfortable work to heal themselves, it opens up space to move through life. Living their greatest purpose, joy, and passion while contributing to the greater good of humanity. We need reconnection to ourselves and others to change the narrative of this earth. The cost to facilitate this retreat is $29,000 100% of your gift will go directly to this project. Doterra Healing Hands will match $5,000 of funds raised. Thank you for your generous donation.