Tobiah Academy school bus

Educating children in a developing country

Transportation for Tobiah Academy
In partnership with Children With Hope

% of
$10,000 target
Ended 30th October 2023
We are a school in Kenya Africa. Our school educates children from preschool to junior high. At the school there are children from all over the city coming to our Academy. At the moment we are using two vans to transport about 100 children to and from school. This fundraiser will help us on purchasing a bus in which we can more effectively transport children to the school and home again. Right now some children who live further from the school are often late to school because of multiple trips needed with only two smaller vans. And Kenya, school is very very important for children to receive education. Our goals are to grow a stronger nation for these children and their children through education. With this bus, we could change the lives of many children in the city of Eldoret Kenya.