Support Center for families with rare diagnosis

Care for Rare
Support since 2014

Support Center for families with rare diagnosis
In partnership with Bulgarian Huntington Association

% of
$10,000 target
Ended 15th November 2023
Since 2014 Bulgarian Huntington Association has been working to provide psychosocial support for people with rare diseases. Although we are currently operating in a space of only 25 sq.m, we have managed to support 1295 people with more than 107 different rare diagnoses. The people who need support are more than 400,000. Help us take a step forward in their care and build a Support Center for families living with rare diagnoses. This will help families maintain longer survival, improve their quality of life, maintain their work fulfillment, motivate them to live life to the fullest, despite the diagnosis. In the Support Center we aim to provide services for children, adolescents and adults living with rare diseases and their families. We will use your donations for: - renovating our new space which will become the Support Center - furnishing our rooms for mental health, physiotherapy and general counseling - setting up special equipment for physiotherapy for children and adults