Lutino Adunu-Children Loved

Feminine pad project
Children's education

Community Library and Resource Center

% of
$10,000 target
Ended 31st October 2023
Lutino Adunu-Children Loved commits to transforming lives and empowering the impoverished, Nwoya District, Northern Uganda. Our primary focus is to restore sustainable living and educational opportunities for all ages, offering much needed resources to improve lives and become self-reliant. Our project goal is to construct the region's first public library and resource center. Your donations will help build: - A public library with designated children’s library - Lutino Adunu Director and Administration offices - Tailoring room for ATEK re-useable feminine hygiene kit project - Training space and storefront for Lutino Adunu Entrepreneurship, Women’s Empowerment, and Micro-financing programs - A rentable public conference hall - 2 ensuite guest rooms for Peace Corp volunteer and visiting dignitaries - Kitchen for staff and public catering use. Building a sustainable community involves empowering every adult and educating every child. Lutino Adunu is in service to meeting this goal.