Relief for Asylum Seekers Living in Limbo


Relief for Asylum Seekers Living in Limbo
In partnership with Musical Missions of Peace

% of
$6,000 target
Ended 01st October 2023
This fundraiser aims to provide essential supplies for a migrant shelter that houses about 300 refugees in Tijuana. Many of these refugees have escaped persecution and violence in Central America, Mexico, and other parts of the world. This includes asylum-seeking families and LGBTQ+ people living in limbo at this shelter. They cannot go back and the ability to move forward is uncertain at best. With your help, we can provide food, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and medicine to the vulnerable asylum seekers. Musical Ambassadors of Peace has been supporting this shelter for the past 5 years by providing essential supplies and ongoing theraputic dance sessions for mental health support of the residents, many of whom are children❤️