Virtual Education for vulnerable students


computer classroom for kids and teens at Cajones
In partnership with resplandor international

% of
$4,250 target
Ended 26th December 2020
RESPLANDOR INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2009 in the rural community of Cajones Guanajuato, we are dedicated to collaborating with individuals, families and communities in education, culture and health enhancing quality of life and well being. We co-create and implement programs within a network of professionals and community members, as well as national and international organizations. Resplandor International is volunteer driven. During this pandemic kids and teens from rural areas around Cajones, Guanajuato don’t have computers with internet to get class materials to do their homework. So we want to buy 9 computers with licenses, programs, and a multi-functional printer that will allow the kids and teens to continue their studies and not lose a year or more of their basic education.