Belief Home Ghana partnership

50+ orphans
Dodowa, Ghana

Orphanage support!
In partnership with Belief Home

% of
$3,500 target
Ended 07th December 2020
Belief Home’s mission is to stop the cycle of vulnerability that brought our precious orphans to us. We provides not only shelter and security but love & education. Belief Home extends beyond its walls into the community to stop the flow of orphans through its doors by strengthening communities, empowering women, and supporting families.

 Our goal is to raise orphans into healthy prosperous adults who not only break the cycle they were born into but be advocates in community building. Our goal is to see a time when orphanages are no longer needed.

We believe that every child is worthy, every child deserves love, and every child can make a difference in this world. This fundraiser will help provide furniture for the moms bedrooms, much needed shelving for space and outdoor storage units to safely store rice, toilet paper, etc! THANK YOU for your generosity and kindness during these unprecedented times.