Signs Of Hope


Educational Support for d/Deaf Children
In partnership with Signs of Hope International

% of
$15,000 target
Ended 30th July 2021
Signs of Hope International (SOHI) is a non-profit initiative focused on providing an education for every d/Deaf child in Ghana, West Africa. Here is our plan: 1. We are creating a partial and full scholarship fund for d/Deaf students whose parents cannot afford the required supplies for their child to attend. 2. Work with the Administration to set up a sustainable infrastructure of ASL training for the teachers and ongoing support for the education of the students. Which includes partnering with highly-qualified Deaf teachers, mentors, and interpreters to travel to Ghana to provide the best possible training for the local teachers. 3. While in Ghana we will work with Administrators on maintenance of projects previously supported by Sign of Hope International. This is a HUGE undertaking and a very necessary one. Thank you for your support.