Children with Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases

Thousands of Lives Enhanced
850 Medical Reimbursements in 2023

Enhancing the lives of children with rare and undiagnosed conditions
In partnership with Cheyanna’s Champions for Children (CC4C)

% of
$2,500 target
Ended 29th February 2024
30 million Americans live with a rare disease. 80% are genetic. Most are children. These children have an average of 7.6 years of testing. They see between 8-12 physicians and receive 2-3 mis-diagnoses. Since 2006, CC4C has uplifted thousands of children and their families through access to mental health and wellness programs, financial assistance, and access to events and experiences that otherwise would be impossible. Funds raised and matched through Healing Hands will directly support CC4C’s financial assistance program, which helps ease the financial burden for families who raise children with rare and undiagnosed diseases. Together, we can Champion these children and their families out of the darkness of isolation and into the light.