Support Growth at the School of Living Hope in Pakistan

Serving 200+ Students
98% Students Promoted

Provide Books, Computers, Benches, Play Equipment For Coming School Year
In partnership with Living Hope Educational Enterprises

% of
$10,000 target
Ended 01st May 2024
The School of Living Hope in Pakistan has been operating successfully for 5 years. The 200+ children we will be serving this year, do not have books, computers or needed printed materials for the school year or funds for the end of year testing and assembly. This is more children than we've ever had before, and support is needed to continue educating them all. They also have had no play equipment for 5 years, and kids need to play outside! We are going to reuse some of these books, so most these things will last us for years. Let's provide the funds for these educational necessities. We usually receive funds for books and other annual expenses from a family foundation, however, this year they are allocating their funds to a large humanitarian trip. Therefore we need extra support this year to continue providing the services these children so desperately need.