Wheelchairs for the Dominican Republic

5,515 wheelchairs delivered
$200 = 1 life changed

Hope. Mobility. Independence. Personally Delivered.
In partnership with Chair The Hope

% of
$10,000 target
Ended 15th June 2024
Chair The Hope raises money for wheelchairs and schedules delivery trips to various countries in order to deliver hundreds of wheelchairs to those in need. There are over 100 million children, teens and adults worldwide in need of a wheelchair. However, they sadly cannot afford one. For these people, Chair The Hope delivers Hope, Mobility, and Independence. Currently we are raising money to purchase and deliver 280 wheelchairs to vetted recipients in the Dominican Republic. We also plan to help many of our recipients create small businesses by teaching them new skills and helping them to see that their disability doesn't have to define them. A donation of $200 will purchase and deliver one wheelchair to a selected recipient in the Dominican Republic and provide them with hope, mobility, and independence. Any donation amount is welcome and appreciated! We love our doTERRA family!