Love has no Borders Supporting Asylum Seekers

Funds raised

Living in a precarious situation is immensely difficult. With the donations received and matched by the Healing Hands Foundations, shelter directors were able to provide meals, medicine, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and tend to the emergencies that arose.

Besides basic necessities, we wanted to support mental health and nurture expressive arts. We provided a TV monitor so one shelter could begin Zoom educational programing and dance sessions. The art supplies were distributed so migrants have the opportunity to start and maintain a creative journal as they wait to be processed by US authorities.

We were told that gathering for special dinners purchased with the funds helped relieve stress and nurture a sense of belonging.

We are so grateful to everyone who made this fundraiser a success.

Kids using art supplies at Tijuana shelter #1

Kids drawing at Mexicali shelter #1

Kids with art supplies at Mexicali shelter #1

Meal served at Tijuana shelter #2

Asylum seekers enjoying a meal at Tijuana shelter #2

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