Clean Water

Change lives by helping provide clean water and sanitation to communities around the world.

The downstream effects of clean water are innumerable

Accessible clean water and appropriate sanitation practices change lives. People who once had to fetch water for survival are able to pursue new prospects. Effects of clean water and sanitation include disease prevention, education possibilities, improved job opportunities, and more.

Conserve Water

Be mindful of your water usage. 

Water is essential for life and while you want to make sure you practice proper hygiene and stay hydrated, be aware of your water usage. Work with your family to prevent wasting water in your home and also make sure to store water in case of emergencies. 

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Complete a Match

Double your impact in providing clean water and sanitation to those in need. 

There are many organizations that work to provide clean water and sanitation to communities in need. Identify an organization you’d like to work with and then apply for the Match Program. By using the Match Program to help a qualifying organization complete clean water and sanitation projects, you can expand your impact. 

The Match Program

Build Awareness

The first step to creating change is building awareness. 

Sharing stats, graphics, and other information connecting to clean water and sanitation on social media helps spread word about the problem and enables others to get involved.

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Nepal Water Project

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation traveled with a group of doTERRA Wellness Advocates and a few employees to Nepal to serve the people and help with a water project. This project provided clean water to 500 families.

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