Global Health

Around the world, we need each other’s help and support as we work to find global health solutions.

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Air pollution, mental health issues, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, malaria, and dengue fever are just a few of the health concerns facing our world. Understanding global health helps you become a voice of support and an advocate of change. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization are great places to start.

    Physical Wellness

    When we’re healthy and cared for, we can help and care for others. 

    Take steps to support the physical health of yourself and your loved ones. You can start by selecting and completing a 30-day fitness challenge together or by attending a nutrition class. Pick a health focus that best fits your circumstances and work on it together with your family. 

    Mental Health

    Find ways to promote better mental health in your home and community. 

    Take time to learn about mental health and what impacts emotional well-being. Take steps to promote better mental health in your life. Possibilities include meditation, seeing a therapist, practicing self-care, taking a break from technology, and more. Find ways to genuinely connect with others. 

    Chair the Hope

    Nathan and Heather Ogden, cofounders of Chair the Hope, chose to respond to Nathan’s devastating physical setbacks by forging ahead with a passion and fervor for life. Nathan and Heather give back and support others in similar circumstances.

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