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Peace House: Park City, Utah

Monday, January 14, 2019 Partner Updates Community Projects

The construction of a new building is something that can inspire. From the first day the foundation is poured to the last day when the final brick is placed, individuals are able to connect with the idea of a new beginning and new opportunity to build a future. The Peace House in Park City, Utah helps survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives and helps them start a new life filled with respect, happiness, and love. At the Peace House, they will learn how to lay a new foundation, build sturdy walls, and protect the love that they have within their lives. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation along with several donors is proud to fund the building of a new Community Campus which will be used to house survivors of domestic violence, rehabilitate them, and help reintegrate them back into society. This shelter will be able to accommodate various sizes of families and will provide long-term occupancy of 6-24 months. No one should ever have to suffer domestic violence but we are grateful to be associated with an organization that focuses on improving the lives of those who do.