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Sending Days for Girls Kits to Kenya

Monday, July 08, 2019

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® recently donated $3,000 to cover the shipping costs of 4,000 Days for Girls (DfG) Kits to Kenya. After getting DfG groups across the United States to contribute kits, Huldah Hiltsley took them to Kenya. Huldah and her family visited 29 schools, a maternity clinic, and a women’s shelter to distribute the kits and provide accompanying health education. This coming year, the Hitsleys will be fundraising for their next big project and applying for the Healing Hands Foundation matching support initiative. The project is to collect 7,000 DfG Kits; however, instead of shipping them from the United States, they hope to employ women in Kenya to sew the kits. Not only does this help eliminate logistic challenges associated with shipping, but it also provides employment opportunities for local Kenyan women. Ultimately, this project supports the mission of Days for Girls, which is to empower women in their communities and make a positive and sustainable change.