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Renovating a school in Rwanda

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 Community Projects

David Stirling made it possible for the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® to assist with the construction of new dormitories at G.S. Mere du Verbe Kibeho, a school in Rwanda. These beautiful new facilities will help the students have a better, more effective learning environment. Sister Maria Marie Bridgette Uwizera, the school’s head teacher, said, “A good syllabus, food, and professional teachers alone cannot guarantee excellent grades from students if the housing facilities are in a sorry state. One has to have a good night’s sleep after schoolwork so as to be productive the following morning.” Before the renovation, the school had no piped water. Students were using buckets to shower and do their laundry. The bathrooms were outside. Sleeping arrangements were uncomfortable, with many students not even having space to keep personal belongings. The renovated facilities have been fitted with new beds and mattresses, showers, sinks for laundry, and wardrobes so that every student has a place to keep belongings and an overall healthy environment to continue developing his or her mind and character.