Lunar Tracker Bracelets Let's Empower Women

Port Au Prince, Haiti
Effective in family planning
Haitian women bead artisans employed
Bracelets sold at 2018 doTERRA Convention

Founded by doTERRA Wellness Advocate Kristin Van Wey, Let’s Empower Women delivers face-to-face fertility and health training to communities in Haiti that are experiencing unsustainable and unwanted pregnancies, which often result in child labor and trafficking as well as increased poverty.

As part of the program, Kristin commissioned and developed a Lunar Essential Tracker Bracelet to accompany family planning training. This bracelet is a key education tool to assist women and their partners in monitoring their monthly cycle, including their most fertile days. Made from recycled trash by a team of women artisans in Haiti, the sale of these bracelets allows the education that teaches families to plan pregnancies so they are not faced with the unthinkable choices of orphanages, giving children to more affluent families or selling them.

Let's Empower Lunar Tracker Bracelets made for doTERRA 2018 Convention

Let's Empower Lunar Tracker Bracelets made for doTERRA 2018 Convention

At the 2018 doTERRA® Dream Convention, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® commissioned 5,000 Lunar Tracker Bracelets to be sold at the Product Showcase. Wellness Advocates from around the world were excited to hear about the Let’s Empower Women program and the impact being making in Haiti.

"These bracelets are not only a tool but have become a symbol of respect for the women wearing them. Husbands are getting trained, families are supporting the efforts."

“I feel an obligation to empower. Its an energy that encompasses all of us. I hold that responsibility to give back and help the planet. We can end human trafficking in this generation. If we combined our visions we could do it. My dream was stronger than my fears. I won’t quit.”

Kristin Van Wey, Founder of Let's Empower Women

At the 2018 doTERRA Dream Convention, Kristin was awarded the doTERRA Elevation Award for her humanitarian work and impact being made in Haiti with the Let’s Empower Initiative. Read more.

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