MJ’s birthday fundraiser

After my recent travels to Nepal with dōTERRA & Choice Humanitarian, I’ve shared some of my stories with my daughter who turns 5 today - About the people who lived without clean drinking water in their homes, the kids that don’t get to go school or eat or have toys because they are poor, And how not all people in the world are as lucky as we are. So she has decided she wanted to help. Thank you so much for supporting my little love bug and her love for the people and the world.
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How Healing Hands makes a difference

How Healing Hands makes a difference

HOPE is a comprehensive model to fight human trafficking through prevention, rescue and aftercare. The horrible reality is that over 40 million men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide. It impacts every community, age, race, gender, and nationality. PREVENT trafficking through awareness, education, and protecting vulnerable individuals. RESCUE victims through supporting trained professionals. AFTERCARE is critical for survivors to thrive.
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Much of the world’s population lacks dependable access to clean water. As a result, many people are at risk for preventable diseases and avoidable deaths. By providing clean water to communities around the world, we improve the health of those communities. Additionally, we empower children to attend school and receive an education instead of daily fetching water.
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We support individuals and communities affected by natural disasters, as well as community organizations who look after low-income families, homeless individuals, and veterans in need. In many cases, this means partnering with Wellness Advocates who volunteer their time, talents, and resources to distribute 72-hour emergency relief hygiene kits. These kits provide hope and help during a challenging time.
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Many women around the world live in circumstances that prevent them from gaining an education or working to provide for themselves and their families. By supporting projects that focus on leadership, education, skill development, health, and more we are helping them become self-reliant and positive contributors to a better functioning society.
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Whether the people we serve live in remote locations or close to home, accessing basic healthcare resources can be a challenge for many people. From building medical clinics in Somaliland to increasing access to physical and mental health resources in the developed world, we are dedicated to serving both foreign and domestic communities in need.
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We have long been committed to empowering individuals to help themselves, their families, and their communities. Through efforts like micro-credit lending, mentoring and education programs, and partnerships with Co-Impact Sourcing®, we’re helping people build themselves a better life.
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