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Children featured on this site do not have an identified adoptive placement and are currently in a  foster home or in a residential facility, where they will remain until an adoptive family has been identified for them.

Visit: americaskidsbelong.org/doterra/

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Support Heroes and Healers

Children and the families who choose to open their hearts and homes need the support of HELPERS. Taking time to provide resources, respite and encouragement can make a huge difference in their lives. Your support can be as simple as providing a meal, babysitting, or carpooling. If you are professional service provider, your specific skill set might be needed by a child or family. To find out more contact: hope@doterrahealinghands.org


Help with Filming

In the United States, over 100,000 children in the foster care system are eligible for adoption. By producing high quality videos, we are able to give these children a face and a voice, increasing their chances for adoption.
Visit Americas Kids Belong
or contact:hope@doterrahealinghands.com


Support Dream Makers

Despite best efforts, there are some children aging out of the foster system without a traditional support system to help them as they face adulthood. Unfortunately, this scenario often results in homelessness. Dream Makers provides a crowd sourcing opportunity that meets children’s needs, setting them up for a greater chance at success.
Visit:Dream Makers Project
or contact: hope@doterrahealinghands.com

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