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Hope: Tech Against Trafficking

Hope: Tech Against Trafficking
Monday, August 14, 2023

Since 2016, doTERRA Healing Hands® has been combatting human trafficking. Hope is our answer to prevent modern slavery before it begins, support responsible professional rescue efforts, and help restore dignity for survivors. We recognize that rescue efforts are best left to professionals who have the training and expertise needed to rescue victims and arrest traffickers.

Unfortunately, many taskforces and agencies are underfunded which leads to critical needs for education, equipment, and technology to conduct successful investigations and prosecutions that keep predators away from children and other victims.

The Hope action plan offers law enforcement trainings to support the development of skills and tools needed to identify victims, conduct sound investigations, and effectively prosecute trafficking criminals. Recent trainings have taken place in Mesa, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Hartford, WI; Anchorage, AL; and Lubbock, TX – just to name a few!

Hollywood has led many Americans to believe that human trafficking only happens in impoverished communities or in foreign countries. While this does happen, exploitation and trafficking can take place within the walls of our own homes. With the prevalence of technology, social media, and gaming sites, predators have found ways to access children via the Internet. Because of this, many of our law enforcement trainings are centered around undercover chat techniques.

Cyberchat investigations require an in-depth understanding of predator tactics and highly-specialized technological skills. Led by the Chief Ops Director of the doTERRA Hope action plan Jon Lines, Hope-sponsored law enforcement trainings are taught by top-tier officers with decades of experience in their respective fields. We take pride in ensuring our trainings adhere to federal, state, and local standards so that officers can establish sound investigations that lead to the best possible outcome. When an online predator is caught, children who have already been exploited can be identified and provided resources to begin the restorative process. Stopping just one Internet predator can prevent countless children from being victimized in the future.

To learn more about the Hope action plan and our efforts to combat human trafficking, visit: https://doterrahealinghands.org/hope