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Empowering people worldwide to be healthy, safe, and self-reliant.

Why we do what we do

In 2008 when dōTERRA chose their name, meaning “Gift of the Earth,” they understood that this new endeavor carried with it the responsibility to act as committed stewards. From the beginning, dōTERRA’s intentions have been deeply rooted in a philosophy of gratitude surrounding and encompassing these gifts.

Today, we thank you for actively engaging in the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation’s mission to empower people and communities worldwide to make a positive change. Your loyalty and belief in this mission has led to incredible progress and impact.

Who we are

How to get involved#EngageInGood

Our main goal is to help people help themselves. This holds true for helping our Wellness Advocates grow into humanitarians as well!

To do this, we've developed a program that walks you through the process of identifying a project for a nonprofit, helping you collect funds for that project, and reporting on the impact of your project once it's finished. The best part? We'll match the funds you raise while participating in the program!

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What we do

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The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® empowers people and communities worldwide to make a positive and sustainable change.

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